HCT Apparel

Show your pride in being a member of the Hicksville Congress of Teachers

All proceeds benefit the HCT scholarship program.

HCT Apparel Order Form

Please contact the office at hicksville_teachers@verizon.net if you would like to come in to see individual sizes.

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Item Size   Price
Blue Oxford Shirt with HCT Logo Men's                 L
Women's           S, L, XL, 2XL                           
White Oxford Shirt with HCT Logo Men's                 L, XL
Women's          S, M, L
Grey Polo Shirt with HCT Logo Men's                 S, M,  L, XL $15
Black Polo with Orange HCT Men's                 S, 3-XL $8
Hooded Sweatshirt  with HCT Logo S $20
Respect Public Ed T-Shirt Men's                 S $8
Grey T-Shirt with HCT Logo Men's                 S $8
Black Micro Fiber Polo Men's                 XL $8
Golf Umbrella   $15
Large Black and Tan Canvas Tote Bag   $20
1/4 Zip Pullover Men's                L $25
Black Tee with Union Values Logo S, M, L, XL $8


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