HCT Members Honored at Scholars Dinner

by Mary Masterson

The Hicksville Public Schools hosted its 28th Annual Scholars Dinner on April 21st, 2016 at the Crest Hollow Country Club. Eighty members of the Hicksville High School Class of 2016 who earned a ranking in the top 20% of their graduating class, continued a 28-year tradition by selecting one teacher to be honored from each of the District's schools. These honored teachers were chosen by the students as persons who have been the most influential and inspiring teachers encountered on their educational journey. Heartwarming and sentimental speeches were delivered by the students for their teachers, filled with admiration and gratitude. Honored teachers in turn, gave speeches that were inspirational, thought-provoking, and witty. Certainly the highlight of any teacher's career is to be recognized by his/her students. The HCT Officers attended on behalf of the membership and extended their heartfelt congratulations to all those selected this year.

Lydia Butler - Burns Avenue
Barnett Weinstein - Dutch Lane
Catherine Altobello - East Street
Nancy Ruisi - Fork Lane
Ginamarie Mauro - Lee Avenue
Jadwiga Slupek - Old Country Road
Michael Guarascio - Woodland Avenue
Anthony Tussie - Middle School
Christopher Robson - High School

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