Hicksville Homecoming 2016

One of the most enjoyable traditions that the Hicksville community can count on as each new school year begins is Hicksville High School's Homecoming. This year the Hicksville PTA Council needed some brave volunteers to take turns sitting in their ever popular dunk tank, and wait as hundreds lined up willing to pay for the chance to send them plunging into the icy water below. The proceeds of this event are used to fund scholarships for graduating seniors. One of the first to answer the call was Dutch Lane School's beloved physical education teacher and Hicksville Congress of Teachers' union president, Tom Glenn. Being a great sport, Tom smiled broadly as parents, students of all ages, and even fellow colleagues enthusiastically took their turns trying to dunk him. Never one to disappoint, when the smallest children were unable to hit the target with the ball, Tom encouraged them to run up to the target and hit it with their hand so they could still see him make a big splash, much to their delight.

homecomingcover2016Other teachers who rose to the occasion to make this event a great success were Frank LoCascio (High School), Petrice Grimaldi (High School), Jessica Ficke (Burns), and Allison LoGiudice (OCR). These HCT members, along with Board of Education and Hicksville alumni volunteers, raised over $400!

In addition, the HCT, showcasing their dedication and commitment to the children of Hicksville and to the community at large, had their own booth to raise money for scholarships, at which people could earn prizes by participating in a bean bag toss game. Cheers and laughter were heard around the booth as each contestant won their prize.

Homecoming is one of the many ways that the Hicksville Congress of Teachers gives back to the community. The time and dedication of so many union members help to make each Homecoming very special, and this year was no exception. The HCT would like to extend a huge thank you to all of its members who gave of their time and represented the union with pride and distinction.

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