New Member Welcome 2016

The HCT hosted its annual luncheon for 36 of the new teachers on Thursday, September 1, 2016. President Tom Glenn spoke about the benefits of union membership and the importance of participating in our union and the other officers spoke about their roles and ways in which our newest members could contribute to the union and the school district in many positive ways. Tom Glenn went on to further explain what "Vote-Cope" is and how the funds collected from it are used to advocate for educators and the public education system. New members were encouraged to contribute to NYSUT's Vote Cope to help further our goals.


Marc Zimmerman from The Legend Group gave a presentation about the importance of educators planning for their future financial security by contributing to a 403(b) plan.

Each new member received special welcome gifts from our union. We wish them the best of luck this year as we stand behind and support them every step of the way!

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