Retiree Corner

The Hicksville Federation of Retired Educators is the retiree chapter of the Hicksville Congress of Teachers and affiliates of NYSUT and the AFT.

Co-Presidents - William Lemmy and Bobbi Soroka

The purpose of the Retiree organization:

  • To promote the interests and welfare of all retired employees of the Hicksville Congress of Teachers (HCT)
  • To promote mutual assisstance and cooperation with other organizations with which it is associated (Retiree Council #19, NYSUT, AFT, AFL-CIO, ARA, NYSARA)
  • To promote the aims and objectives of HCT, NYSUT and the AFT in matters that pertain to both in-service members and retirees.
  • To maintain the ties of professional unity between in-service and retired personnel
  • To provide opportunities for its members to socialize and a forum for exchange of information of interest and benefit to retired members, and for the expression of their views
  • To monitor legislation at both the state and national levels that may pertain to its members, and to keep its members informed of such legislation

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