Tell Commissioner Elia: Stop Disrupting School Calendars!









NYSUT blasts charter industry's plan to bypass teacher certification regs

Many districts were caught in a bind after SED issued a series of confusing memos -- including one sent out June 21 after most district calendars were set -- that places significant limitations on the use of half days.

Noting that most 2017-18 calendars are already being referenced by parents, staff and students, NYSUT Executive VP Jolene DiBrango called on Commissioner Elia to defer changes until districts can incorporate them in a reasonable timeline -- particularly because Elia is convening a committee this fall to make recommendations on calendar policy.

Urge Commissioner Elia to defer implementation of the new policy:








Don't let the charter industry undercut teaching standards! That's NYSUT's warning as some SUNY-authorized charters push to "certify" their own teachers in-house.

NYSUT President Andy Pallotta calls the plan a travesty that would subject students in publicly funded charters to being taught by individuals with as little as 30 hours of classroom preparation.

United University Professions, NYSUT's affiliate at SUNY, said the plan contradicts SUNY's own Teach NY agenda, which calls for higher standards to "elevate the teaching profession." State Ed Commissioner Elia and Regents Chancellor Rosacall the plan "a cause for concern." Tell SUNY not to allow this backdoor attemptto undercut the teaching profession.

Meanwhile, don't miss this outrageous story on a Utica charter school teacher who was forced to tithe thousands from his salary.











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