Valentines for Vets a Success

by Justina Ketyer and Kyrstin Stehle

f2c1a1b1-5388-45b0-a8f3-88396b17a062Members of the ME Committee delivered 125 gift bags to the residents of the Northport VA Medical Center last week. This marks the second time HCT has completed this program which we call “Valentines for Veterans.” The bags contained items from the hospital’s wish list, including personal hygiene items, snacks, books, and pens. HCT members efficiently assembled the bags on February 7th at the NYSUT Nassau Regional Offices in Woodbury. In an email from the Women’s Veterans Health Program, a representative said, “We are very appreciative of this contribution in support of our men and women.” 

Thank you to all the members who helped make this program a success:

Melinda Berrios
Kristy Burke
Lisa Combattente
Andrea Ferrara
Tom Glenn (and kids)
Wendy Holland
Lauren Hunker
Jennifer Jedd
Linda Johnson
Carol Kornobis
Meg McElroy
Meredith Schneider
Mary Shurley
Sara Smith
Stephanie Sullo
Kathy Suppa (and kids)
Cathy Todd
Brian Vollmer

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